Dreaming True

Dreaming True

In order to enter the dream and stay
living there, you need to believe the dream.
You must not for a moment allow yourself
to know that the other, different world 
(which you think you remember)
has any reality. Let it be just a vague idea
easily forgotten, of no substance.
Until you can master this understanding,
you will always come back from the land
of the dream, the enchanted universe.

You can’t stay there if the grey quagmire 
of doubt drains the light from your eyes,
the dance from your step; if you let it
suck you back into an outside world
of pain and fear, and little joy. Instead,
embrace the magical, embrace the light!
Enter fully the most perfect love,
the deepest beauty: inside the permanent 
world of the dream, shaping it so
the dream becomes, at last, reality.


  1. Odd to be reading this after such a vivid dream at four a.m. of two wolves, asking for human help..............I was so IN that dream, it was so real.

    1. You are so connected to Wolf, why would they not choose you to ask? I think you must write of that dream and their message!


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