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Personality Profile
INFJ - "Author".
Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. 
Complex personality. 
1.5% of total population.

Poet, Author, Editor, Creative Writing Tutor/Facilitator
Teacher of Metaphysics, Metaphysical Counsellor 
Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer 
Psychic Medium, Witch 

Born and grew Launceston, Tasmania. Lived many years in Melbourne before going happily sub-tropical in 1994. Career in librarianship 1962-1980. Helped start Poets Union of Australia in the late seventies. Pioneered poetry workshops in Melbourne prisons in the early eighties. Formed Word of Mouth Poetry Theatre with Anita Sinclair, Ken Smeaton, Malcolm Brodie, 1986. Studied Ceremonial Magic, Shamanism and Druidry before coming home to Witchcraft. Cat lover (and certain very special dogs).

Names: born Rosemary Robinson; married names Rosemary Freeman (briefly), Rosemary Nissen (longterm), Rosemary Wade (currently, and since 1994); professional name, for all hats, Rosemary Nissen-Wade; witch name DragonStar Rose.


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