Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

Wouldn’t you think a witch would cook?
We imagine her over her cauldron, stirring 
potions to make someone fall in love,
or hearty soups to keep her family healthy.
We think she’ll be grinding herbs very fine
for either of these recipes. Well, you know what?
I haven’t the patience. I’m a quick-and-easy cook,
and as for love potions, I think they’re unethical.
I do use herbs, but I don’t grind them myself.

I was telling a friend only today
(quoting Erica Jong, in Fear of Flying)
‘You’re a poet. You don’t have to cook too.’
I’m a witch and a poet. I make my magic 
with words. That might be the oldest way.
It’s surely one of the most potent. With words
and thoughts and passion. Not so much
with plants. So I’m sorry, I can’t show you 
a photo of my mortar and pestle; I have none.


Written for #decemberwitch 9 on Instagram.

Some witches – and poets – do enjoy cooking, and good luck to them. But this is my excuse for not having a mortar and pestle photo to post on Instagram.

Also sharing with Poets United's Pantry of Poetry and Prose #9. 

Happy Holidays / Holy Days, everybody!


  1. Well, like a very wise (and extremely good looking witch) said, "The mortar and pestle don't make the witch. They just crush and powder and such..." All right, so I just made that up. Not the part about the wisdom and good looks, that's true. But the quote. That doesn't mean that it isn't true. Magic doesn't need tools, unless it does.

    I sooo love this super fun poem. I can practically hear your chuckles in the words.

  2. Oh those unethical love potions - they brought a smile :)

  3. Best Wishes, that was quite a fun write

    I cook, i write poems, I am not a witch and i too agree with you about the unethical aspect of trying to make someone fall in love with another


  4. I've found that witches tend to witch in their own way. *cackles* But honestly, that part of the heart of witchcraft, Knowing Thyself leads people to figuring out where they are most potent, where the natural points of connection are for them.

  5. Your mortar and your pestle are, as you have pointed out, your words, your wisely crafted words.

  6. This made me grin hugely! 🔥❤️ Especially love; "I’m a quick-and-easy cook, and as for love potions, I think they’re unethical."

  7. I loved this. I inserted my own cackles. LOL.

  8. If only you could post a picture of your brain. That's your mortar and pestle! I really enjoyed the poem. I also especially liked your comment on the ethics of love potions. :-)

  9. This makes perfect sense -- words take all the fine ground patience one can gather.

  10. Hehehehe...cackle and corn,,,happy recipes

  11. Thank you. Me too. The cauldron of ink poured on paper, made incantation.

  12. Love it.

  13. Happy New Year and Happy Holidays, Respected Rosemary


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