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Sweetness and Weather

Sweetness and Weather

I walk out my door some days
into a feeling of Andrew,
my late-life husband:
things we did together,
places we saw ... the same 
exact mix of sunlight and breeze.

Or I go to my little boys, 
down the back yard
on a good drying day,
playing under the clothesline. 
Me pegging, and watching them.
Their white singlets and nappies.

Not often my own childhood –
here is so much warmer – but
sometimes the way the winter sun
glints on the river, or the rare
pockets of fog in the hills,
a smell of coming rain....

Featured by Sherry at Poets United in Poems of the Week ~ Then and Now, along with poems by Wendy Bourke and Mary Kling.

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  1. Sigh.......so lovely. My thoughts follow those pathways so often. You wrote this so beautifully.......


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