A Picture of a Dinghy

A Picture of a Dinghy

That rowboat, reflected in clear water,
empty, and tethered to the pier –
just the sight makes me happy.

It bobs there gently, I know,
a vessel waiting to be used –
perhaps by me, as in childhood.

So many memories! The cold beaches
of my island, the thrilling sea.
My little brother, Mum and me

and my stepfather, jovial kind boatman
who taught us to row ... later  
how to steer a motorised runabout.

And how to fish – lines trailing
over the sides, at anchor, or
stretching behind us as we trawled.

Little blue boat in the picture –
little wooden boat on blue water –
thank you for a sweet journey!

Written for Artistic Interpretations with Margaret at 'imaginary garden with real toads'.

Picture used with permission. Artist: Toril Fisher.


  1. Thank you Rosemary ... much enjoyed (*comme d'habitude*) :)

  2. Most boats of this type, once you reach a certain age, are mostly memory anyway. Nicely captured.

  3. This is an idyllic and sweet poem.

  4. Nice memories, Rosemary. We didn't have a boat, I guess the closest thing to your experiences were on a John Deere Tractor. No fish though.

  5. Such a gentle poem, Rosemary, and so soothing.

  6. Such memories to treasure....

  7. What a wonderful thing it is to be transported to the past by art and poetry.

  8. Rosemary you certainly have the sea at heart! Your childhood sounds like fun!!! Life on the water parallel to life below.

  9. What a lovely tribute poem to your childhood!

  10. Lovely poem of happy memories

  11. it's always unexpected when something offers a new/old memory and one can runaway with them - and revisit .... makes me want to grab a paddle or oar and set off for the shore of the lake :)


  12. Memory lane here became memory lake. Love it!

  13. I love reading memories from your childhood. Isn't it wonderful when something sparks lovely childhood memories? So many of mine are traumatic. I am grateful when the sweet ones whisper in.

  14. Yes, a painting is magical when it transports us to a place and time that is worthy of remembering... Lovely.


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