NaHaiWriMo 2019 week 2

NaHaiWriMo 2019 week 2

More very short writings in the shortest month; 

prompts from NaHaiWriMo on facebook.

#8 black cat

crossed my path
lingered and stayed –
black cat magic

#9 cape

pillow-case flaps
from infant shoulders –

#10 vegemite

acquired early
the taste of vegemite –

#11 computer crash

darkness –
nowhere to go
in the void

#12 gargoyles

gargoyle statue
minus neck chain –
a gift

#13 commercials

ad break –
grab the remote
hit Mute

#14 subway

underground –
rumbling fills the space
louder down here


  1. Ha - I am sure the taste of vegemite must be one that is acquired early. When I was in Australia......I passed. Smiles. And yes - with the computer crash - such a void indeed! Nothing worse!

    1. I think vegemite has a lot of emotional associations too, for we who were brought up on it. I don't eat it a lot, but I HAVE to have some in the house at all times; wouldn't dream of letting myself be without it. I think that applies to many Aussie homes.

  2. I enjoyed these, Rosemary. Especially the black cat magic!

  3. Black cats and Vegemite - we have Marmite but I think it tastes similar - all I need is some tea and toast and Sunday breakfast is perfect!

  4. Ha! The "computer crash" is the most relatable one. Love these sweet and prickly haiku, Rosemary. What a treat!

  5. These are beautifully rendered, Rosemary! ❤️ I loved the one about commercials and subway. Between you and me.. I can't stand the TV volume during a commercial break haha.

  6. #11 is my favourite in this list. And yes, conversations with my aussie friends have often turned to vegemite!!!

  7. LOL, I felt 11 on a very deep level, considering how much of my life is tied up in computers. I admit I've been curious about the taste of vegemite, but I'm content to leave it untried for now. :D

  8. Love the way these leapt around, but my heart belongs the pillowcase cape :)

  9. Never had vegamite ... I understand it's an acquired taste... personally I know the cod roe paste we use on sandwiches... we love it, but it takes some work to get used to .

  10. Love each of these Rosemary but my favorite is black cat! 😍

  11. I like them all, but #11, is where I am right broken.

  12. Luv the juxtaposition in pillow flaps and the infant's clothing. There are smiles inbetween

    Happy Sunday Rosemary


  13. These are fab. I loved the pillowcase, Superman cape and infant shoulders. There is something about a newborn's shoulders … the exquisite delicacy … the vulnerability of those tiny shoulders with a wisp of fine lanugo hair: it almost overwhelms me … it is so dear and precious - and then (in my mind's eye) to picture it wrapped in a Superman pillowcase. Love … love … love it!!!

  14. I always have a jar in the cupboard. Never eat it... just think I should have it there :)
    LIke the gargoyle one minus the gold chains LOL

    1. I think the jar in the cupboard is a legal requirement of citizenship, isn't it?

      Yes, free the gargoyles!

  15. I'm in love with your superman. What a glorious image!

  16. Having been brought up on Bovril and Marmite in Britain, Vegemite was no shock for me here in Oz! The kids loved it, so that was good!

  17. Superman's cape was the quickest 'prop' to have in those young days of play



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