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On with the Dance

On with the Dance

Now they come dancing

on soft, precise paws:

the tabbies, the greys,

the two black 


just beyond sight, 


in corners of vision

or else fully seen

with the eyes of dream

or consciously summoned


brought back to life

in welcome moments,

drawn by the newcomer,

number eight 

in my roster

of feline children,

furry friends, loves 

of my blessed life

gathering to see

and I dare say greet

the living cat

who graces me now

with her sweet face

her intent gaze

her unique coat of sable

her dancing feet.

Written in response to Weekly Scribblings #62: Shut Up And Dance With Me at Poets and Storytellers United.

Top to bottom: Guinivere, Levi and Freya, Selene, Poppi.
Not shown: Isolde (tabby), Sam (tabby) and Ishtar (grey).


  1. I love the huge amount of happy bursting out of this poem. I can see the paw parade in my head, the dance of souls welcoming another living heart. I bet they share secrets--perfect sunning spot, perfect hiding place, purrrfect chair where to delight in a catnap. I love this whole poem--the pictures, too--especially the joy they bring to your voice.

  2. An outstanding tribute! Definitely not a CATastrophe.

  3. Your words dance to the tune of love for your pets

    Happy Wednesday Rosemary

    much love...

  4. Cat-dancing, how utterly delightful!

  5. A loving tribute to the joy and solace your feline friends have been through the years. Well said, Rosemary!

  6. I like the thought of all your cats coming to greet the new one. Happy and cute!!

  7. Having pets is all to do with love and trust and doing our best to accept being part of nature and not being that proud, selfish human being that thinks the world is theirs and theirs alone.

  8. Beautiful words, though to me somewhat bittersweet. The loss of many cats for various reasons over the past six years left me feeling that once the ones that I still have are gone, I don't want any more in my life. It hurts my heart too much when they go.

  9. Somehow we love those pets forever and ever, even after they are gone. You did good with the pictures, more than I have of mine. Poem brings memories of mine.

  10. The dancing of all beloved creatures goes on and on, I think, and never stops. May we have eyes to see the dancers!

  11. I love the cat-tastic photos, Rosemary, and the thought of them ‘dancing on soft, precise paws’ and ‘just beyond sight, glimpsed in corners of vision’ – I have a few of them myself.

  12. A lovely poem. Your cats look so cute, adorable!

  13. I would love to dance with your cats. They look beautiful :-)

  14. This warmed my heart so much. I loved the thought of all the cats taking a moment to welcome the new kid.

  15. What a happy, warm poem, Rosemary. All are unique and


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