Poetry Month, day 12

She is harvesting from her garden
rosella fruits – red, like the birds, 
though without their patches of blue –
for syrup, sauce and jam. “Good
for the immune system,” she says,
“and healthy bones. Nature
gives us everything we need.”

Rosella (the bird) is my totem,
I was told by a knowing woman
long ago. Up on Pinnacle Road 
years past, they crammed the trees,
flashes of moving crimson. Lately 
I'm seeing them everywhere again, 
but now they appear in pictures.

A message for my inner knowing
from the bounteous Universe?
“Pay attention! Here's something
good for you!” And my friend is cooking
rosella fruits, that guard against
winter coughs. We arrange
a bit of barter for some of her sauce.

At "imaginary garden with real toads" we were invited to be inspired by Costa Rica Photos. A photo of some fiery macaws reminded me of our Australian rosellas. This photo of a rosella is free via Creative Commons CCo. The top photo is © Tan Summerell 2018, from her facebook post, which also inspired this poem.


  1. What beautiful birds!!! And I enjoyed your poem about the rosella.

  2. I loved this poem, especially "nature gives us everything we need." So true.

  3. How cool that the Rosella is your totem!💜 loved the lush imagery in this one especially the reference to fruits!😍😍

  4. The first stanza is so rich with colour and the sweetness of the rosella syrup, sauce and jam. I would love a bird for a totem. I would love to know what my totem is!

  5. To know one's totem animal would be so cool... Sounds like you have a great one.

  6. I love your totem. A really good flow to your words here :)

  7. I love your last line, and I wish I could taste rosella fruit. :)


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